The Roof and Foundation

Any piece of architecture has a number of different layers and aspects that go into it. My favorite parts and pieces of architecture are those that have very intricate details and designs that go into them, but these would be nothing without a strong foundation built around them.

The Structure

Whenever I say foundation, I mean the whole structure or bones of any building. So for example on a house, I would consider the foundation the base, outside, and roof of the house. Just like any other major pieces of architectural work, the roof is a very important part of it and not only gives protection and cover, but can add beauty as well.

Not Just Homes

archhWhen I talk about beauty, I am obviously talking about buildings and pieces of work that are more than just homes. The roof of any building is extremely important and is an essential part. I have been to many places around the world and there have been buildings and structures that I can’t believe are even standing up and withstanding the laws of physics.

Now I am not an engineer or anything, but does the picture above not look real to anyone else? The amount of time, energy, research, and precision that has to go into buildings like these are absolutely mind boggling.

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