Avoid Wood

As architecture and building structures are getting more advanced as time goes on, I have noticed that less and less people are using the more traditional style of wood for a lot of their homes and I think this is an important topic to bring up. Modern homes are getting more stylish and the way they are being built is a very smart progression for reasons that you might not think.

Avoid A Major Headache…

termSo I work for a company that focuses on home restorations and we help restore homes that fall victim to a number of different circumstances. One of these circumstances is having termites take over your home and destroy the entire foundation. Take a look at this link to see how much damage these little creatures can do. They are not exaggerating at all and I have seen the damage they can do first hand.

This happens much more often to older homes who use a type of wood that was much more popular many years ago and I highly recommend using as little wood as possible for any home or building. As the years go by I have noticed that these types of homes and buildings are becoming less popular and not only does it make sense in an architectural way, it can end up saving your entire home in the long run.

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