Everyday Life

Not many people really take the time to think about how much architecture actually affects and benefits their own every day lives, but that is why I am here!

Your Home!

Have you ever stopped and taken a moment to think about how much work and planning has gone into your home? Even if you don’t own your own home and live in an apartment or trailer, there has been a ton of work and planning that has gone into the building. From the basement, to your bathroom, to your attic there were people who put countless hours into preparing and planning the construction of the building to make sure that it can stand tall and withstand anything mother nature can throw at it (well, for the most part).

Buildings All Around

Commercial buildings like the ones mentioned here obviously take the most time and preparation at the early stages. These buildings are made to last forever and will be standing for years after we are all gone. If any of you out there have never been to New York City or Chicago, I strongly encourage you to try and take a trip and see the vast beauty that these amazing buildings hold. They really are a testament to how far we have come as an intelligent species.

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