More of My Favorites

After talking a little bit about my favorite city as a whole for their architecture being New York, I figured I would keep my list going and talk about some more of my favorites.


chicAlthough New York is my favorite, Chicago is a very close second on my list and think that it is very underrated as far as the appreciation of architecture in the city. I have visited the beautiful city a number of times throughout my life and every time I have been it did not matter what part of the city I was in or what neighborhood, the buildings in all of them were amazing. You could not walk down any street more than a few blocks without seeing a beautiful church or library that are some of the most amazing you will ever see.


I see Chicago in the opposite way that I view New York City. The touristy spots in New York seemed very underrated to me and I appreciated the neighborhoods much more. In Chicago however, I always found the touristy downtown area to be the most amazing and beautiful. The buildings seem so old but are in incredible shape. Almost every skyscraper you see has incredible detail and artwork when you walk up close to it which I don’t think enough people stop to do. I can’t imagine the amount of time and work it took to build just one of those amazing structures.

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