Respect Your House!

Needless to say, we really don’t see too many examples of architecture from the dark and middle ages these days. What we do see though is work done by professional contractors in our every day lives that are just as impressive as those massive creations from the past.

I don’t just mean skyscrapers and huge buildings when I am referring to this work. Every house that has ever been built is an amazing example of how far we have come as a society and 99% of the population doesn’t think twice about it.

Styles of Homes

What I love about living here in America is that there are so many different styles of homes and buildings and one has its own style of architectural design that has to be done to make it work and stand.

shingleI have done quite a lot of traveling since I moved here to America and have been to a number of different states, taking note of how the buildings and homes were designed and built. For example, I was at a work convention in Nebraska and where I was staying, the majority of the homes and buildings were more of a “farmy” style and really was different than any other city I have ever seen.

Then a month later I was visiting Oklahoma and I was kind of expecting the same thing but was instead pleasantly surprised to see a much more modern vibe around the state. I noticed that the homes were bigger and much more modern designs especially in roofing Tulsa. I was kind of expecting to see more of that country feel and design that I saw in Nebraska, but instead saw neighborhoods filled with updated homes and amazing renovations done.

On the topic of roofing, even working on offices and buildings seemed to be more in with the modern times as far as architecture styles go in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The designs were much more along the lines of what you would see in the bigger cities that I have talked about earlier. I think what I saw kind of fit Nebraska’s image and reputation which is awesome and even having to replace or reshingle your house can be considered architecture. They definitely weren’t doing any of that in the middle ages.

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