According to a number of websites and other sources, the Empire State Building is the most well known and respected piece of architecture in America today. I don’t know if I agree with this whole-heartedly but absolutely respect this choice and see why it would top the list at number 1.

New York

empireWhat I will say however, is that New York city is definitely my favorite city as a whole when it comes to the architecture it has to offer. You cannot go down a street in Manhattan without spotting a building that can take your breath away.

What I find to be somewhat a shame in regards to New York City is that the majority of tourists and people visiting spend the majority of their time downtown near Times Square, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Although it is definitely a sight to see if you have never been there or to any major city, the real hidden gems and pieces of beauty are all throughout the city and far away from Times Square.

I am not necessarily talking about any famous buildings or monuments, just any buildings that you see throughout the whole city are like none you will ever see anywhere else. I think it is the abundance of architectural work and absolute masterpieces that make New York City my favorite spot to admire and appreciate the engineering that goes into these structures.