Yesterday I briefly talked about what I do for a living and some of the things I have seen happen to people and their homes on the job. One of the most devastating things that I have seen people fall victim to termites taking over and literally eating away at their homes. The worst part about it is that the damage that termites can do to a house is usually irreversible once the they are finally discovered.

They can live anywhere inside your house and unless you do a proper inspection every once in a while, chances are pretty small that you will even know that they are there. Since I work for a home restoration company, I have experience in knowing what to look for and identifying a potential threat. If you are not as fortunate to have such experience, there are a ton of resources online with loads of information on preventing pests from taking over.

Metal or Concrete If You Can

concreteIn addition to much stronger support and protection, using metal or concrete for your home or building can help to eliminate bugs from doing thousands of dollars worth of damage before they even have a chance to. Termites, ants, bees, and a ton of other pests can eat through wood with ease and¬†obviously don’t find concrete or metal as appetizing.

The added support from such material will also add years onto the total lifespan of any structure or home and pretty much eliminates any real need for restoration in the near future, in addition to stopping bees and wasps right in their tracks. This goes for all architectural styles and designs that I have talked about so far and in general.

The only downside to using less wood for the foundation of your house is the cost. Going this route is definitely going to cost you a significant amount more than the more traditional use of wood but if this is something you are fortunate enough to be able to afford I highly recommend doing so. I have literally seen houses destroyed beyond repair because of the old wood that was used and neglected over the years.