There really is something to say about the human race and how far we have come in a lot of different things. Architecture is no different and throughout my life I have seen countless buildings in countless countries and the amount of absolute beauty that I feel is ignored around the world is astounding. I don’t think many people stop and appreciate different architecture like I do and not many really understand what really goes into these majestic creations.

Hidden Art

archAs I look through the books and books I have of photographs I have taken around the world it astounds me how much time and energy has gone into so many architectural masterpieces all around the world. Aside from the more famous examples like the Taj Mahal, not many people would be able to name another piece of work.

What I love so much about architecture is that there is so much more that goes into these buildings other than just structural engineering, but so much passion and love as a form of art as well. Whenever I see a building from a distance I can always tell what kind of style it is going to be when I get up close to it and I am never not amazed at the intricate details that go into these buildings.

Even here in America around bigger cities you can see the intensity in detail that a lot of under appreciated buildings display.